Indrani Cosmetic's Veg Peel

About the brand: Indrani Cosmetics was formed on 21st July back in 1993. This company has laid the foundation of the cosmetic industry in Maharashtra . It's a Pune based company which has been in the market for the past 27 years now. They have around 102 products in their cosmetic line.

Product Description: This product works as an exfoliator , It removes the dead cells and renews the skin.

Ingredients: Masoor dal flour, Toor dal flour, Moong dal flour, Yeast, Sodium Methyl Paraben , Sodium Propyl Paraben and Rice flour.

Directions: Mix one teaspoon of Veg peel in either milk or water to make paste and apply on a cleansed face. After the product dries up wash it off by exfoliating in circular motions.

Fragrance: It does not have a fragrance as such .It just has a slight fragrance of pulses and flour mixed together.

Packaging:It's a medium sized plastic container with plastic cap.

Product Type: Powder form

Skin Type: Recommended for oily skin. I have Normal to Combination skin type but this product did work for me also.

Texture : It has a fine powder type texture.

Price & Availability:

  • Rs.200

  • Available on Amazon, Indrani Cosmetics website


  • It gives a clearer look to your face.

  • It even aids in removing blackheads in the long run.

  • Brings an instant glow on the face.

  • It's a gentle exfoliator because of it's ingredients.

  • It contains vitamins and minerals as it's made up of Pulses.

  • Budget friendly


  • None in particular .

  • After washing it off my face had become a little red in certain areas , but the redness disappeared after 5-6 minutes. I exfoliated my skin in a vigorous way that's why it lead to redness.

Skin’essencia Essence:

  • This is my first time trying Indrani Cosmetic's Products and I am pretty impressed. They have a really cool collection of products.

  • All their product's are really budget friendly.

  • This is one of the mildest exfoliator's I have ever used and that is what makes it special from the other harsh exfoliators.

  • I would like to end this blog post by saying that always exfoliate your skin gently with milder products . If harsh exfoliants are used it makes your skin hypersensitive and leads to stripping of your skin.

Skin’essencia Ratings: 5/5

Disclaimer:The content shared is based on the personal experience of the author. Skin'essencia does not guarantee the quality,effect,usage of all ingredients /products used and it's reaction or effect on your skin/body and therefore shall not be liable for any adverse reactions or effects arising out of using the products or following the review as above.

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